• Welfare Program for underprivileged

     Project launched : søndag. 08 februar 2015

    MuslimForum is always looking for ways to help the underprivileged in Pakistan. We have from time to time distributed food packages on Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr. And are constantly engaging in different projects concerning everyday life challenges, just to make life easier for the less privileged.

    If you want to contribute to make life somewhat easier for our brothers, sisters and young children in Pakistan, please send your donation to our website http://www.muslimforum.no/aboutus/donations

    Thank you for your donation

  • Yearly collective sacrifice and free distribution of meat.

     Project launched : søndag. 08 februar 2015

    MuslimForum has since 2010 distributed qurbani meat to the poor communities in Pakistan. The project has since its establishment provided cities like Mangowal, Gujrat and Gujranwala with qurbani meat on Eid ul Adha. Each year, our aid workers compile lists of those with the greatest need. They take personally responsibility to deliver the meat to each person/family. MuslimForum has received positive feedback from residents of these villages and as been acknowledged for its commitment.

  • Orphan education and welfare program

     Project launched : torsdag. 10 mai 2012

    Just recently Forum have initiated a project for the education and sponsorship of orphan children. Initially, forum have start sponsoring five children. For each child we have announced scholarship of 3,000 monthly and 36, 000 yearly. By the grace of ALLAH (SWT) the sponsorship of these children is carried out regularly and continuously. At the end of this year, we are determined to provide education and sponsorship to at least 200 children.

    Wealthy and interested people can contact us at http://www.muslimforum.no/aboutus/contactus . You can send your donations at http://www.muslimforum.no/aboutus/donations.

  • To Build a house of Flood victim widow

     Project launched : fredag. 03 april 2015

    Building demolished house in flood effected area. Widow of Mohammed Ashraf (late) Loyiriwala near Wazirabad Estimate 5,00000 rupees.