• Flood releif project

     Project launched : Friday. 17 September 2010

    In connection with the flood disaster in Pakistan in 2010 where hundreds of thousands were left homeless, our organization, despite its short life, where we had been in existence for only a few months, we still managed to collect nearly 1million rupees. This is thanks to great support from Muslims in Norway and an active organization. MEWF have an active and modern way started with work in the flood affected areas.

  • Karwan e Wadhan Shareef (BHALWAL Sargodha)

     Project launched : Sunday. 08 February 2015

    Muslim Forum was approached by residents of Wadhan Shareef and informed about that the flood had caused major damage on their soil. The devastation was of such magnitude, that it was not possible to cultivate land. MuslimForum helped with supplies such as fertilizer and grain, to an area of ‚Äč200 acre land / field. Sayed Haroon Bukhari was the head of this project. The costs of the project were estimated close to 500,000 Pakistani rupees.

  • Balochistan: Development of small houses / cottages

     Project launched : Saturday. 01 September 2012

    MuslimForum is in process of constructing small houses / huts in Balochistan. It donated an initial amount of 150,000 rupees. The project was represented by Maulana Waze ul Qadri.

  • Karwan e Hazoor por (Sargodha)

     Project launched : Sunday. 08 February 2015

    Several villages near the river Jhelum was hit by the flood. Our volunteer aid workers, led by Muhammad Haroon Bukhari, supplied the inhabitants with food and money for the construction of houses. To ensure that help reached the most needy as quickly as possible, it was conducted a survey which reported conditions in the various areas. This made possible for the forum to deliver supplies from door to door and to those with the greatest needs.