• Free medical dispenseries

     Project launched : lørdag. 11 april 2015

    In 2010, when Pakistan was hit by natural disaster, several news channels reported about difficulties to get to villages with aid. As a result, Muslim Forum decided to initiate in retrospect a measure which ensures free medical care / medical treatment in these villages. MuslimForum is now in process to expand this work. Our main goal is to ensure that each and every person can have access to free medical care/treatment; especially in areas which because of their location or extreme poverty cannot effort it. The very first project was implemented in Wadhan Shareef. The establishment of per project will cost nearly 50,000 rupees, and the monthly costs are estimated to nearly 35,000 rupees.

    You can donate via our website, email or Telephone. You can also send your donation to website http://www.muslimforum.no/aboutus/donations Thank you for your donation.