• Prevention of Hepatitis, Implementation of project concerning the supply of clean water.

     Project launched : søndag. 08 februar 2015

    All around the world, including Pakistan a great amount of people are dying because of diseases caused by contaminated drinking water. This is a growing issue, among world population.
    According to the World Health Organization(WHO), between 25-30% of admissions to hospitals are caused by diseases that are result of lacking access to clean drinking water. And 60% of infant mortality is also directly caused by the same reason. One of the most serious diseases is hepatitis. There are 5 types of hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. In Pakistan types A and E are most common and widespread and represents 10% of annual illnesses in the country. 500 million of the world’s population is affected by this disease and in Pakistan every 6th person is affected by this disease. Of which 60% have type A, 30% type E, while 10% constitute type B and C. Almost 90% of the deposit is due to inadequate access to clean drinking water. More recently it has been shown that the groundwater is coming under increasing pollution. A report from the World Health Organization(WHO) showed groundwater contamination in Lahore in 1989. The report estimated that groundwater down to 300 feet was contaminated and not drinkable. In 2010 this figure increased to 700 feet. The conditions are in some degree better in the villages. Muslimforum is underway to implement the project "Access to clean water". It is appointed a board of specialists who have been appointed to work with this project. To supply the population with clean water per project will cost around 75,000 rupees.

    To make this reality we ask for your contribution and support. Your donations can be submitted to bank accounts of the organization. Please follow this link. Donations